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Be seen is important  With a SMART LIGHT is your advertisement seen in the dark.  No messing around with cables. Confirm your V-sign Turn your SmartLight in Confirm your SmartLight with included double-sided tape Confirm your SmartLight on the inside or outside of the window Or screw it down with the supplied plug and screw Once night falls will see your advertising Your sign is illuminated 6-8 hours     How does it work?  The SmartLight runs on solar energy. You do not need to lay cables and take power from the outlet.   During the day your Smart Light is charged by sunlight. In the dark, the light emitted is stored again.  If there has been no sun during the day, the battery will still be some charged that the SmartLight at twilight still lights up for a while.   The SmartLight hang up as you want. Hang the SmartLight as high as possible behind your V-sign so that the sun can shine on the solar cell, for optimum charging. Because of its small size and weight, the Smart Light suitable to stick out the window. The SmartLight is splashproof. Using the supplied double-sided adhesive paste the SmartLight against the glass. A hanger is provided for a screw, nail or rapid tie-wrap.   Good luck   !!! result guaranteed !!!